Theatre of Evolution

Completed desktop game
Team size: 9
Duration: 4 months
Role: Game Systems Designer

Theatre of Evolution was a small team project that 8 students and I from UTDallas worked on over the course of a semester. It is a 4 player, turn based, combat focused 4X game (think Civ but the only way to win is to destroy your opponents).

 NOTE:  Screenshots reflect the work of the entire team


  • Research Tree Design / Implementation
  • Drag and Drop Move / Attack Controls
  • Tutorial
  • City Territory Boarders
  • Next Unit Selection
  • Game Event Log
  • Notification Prompt Sidebar
  • Research Complete Alert
  • Main Camera Controls and Auto Camera Panning
  • Audio Implementation
  • Unit Outlines, Shadows and position modifiers
  • General Bug Fixes, General Programming, Countless Optimizations


Completed mobile game
Personal Project using Unity3D

GeoDash is a geometric themed, infinite runner I released on the Google Play Store. With the initial goal of optimum mobile performance, GeoDash runs 60fps on almost any mobile device.


  • Local High Scores
  • Online leaderboards
  • Google Play Achievements
  • Mobile Ads
  • Accessibility mode
  • Custom Music/ Sounds


Completed mobile game
Personal Project using Unity3D

Deflect is a progressive challenge with multiple ways to engage the player with the same mechanic. Deflect was one of my first medium scale games to be published on the Google Play Store.


  • 3 Survival levels, 12 Challenge levels and an infinite Blitz mode
  • Online leaderboards
  • Google Play Achievements
  • Mobile Ads
  • Multiple input methods
  • Custom Music/ Sounds


Completed windows game
Personal Project using Gamemaker
Free Download (Windows)

EMIT is a momentum based trajectory game designed to challenge the players spatial awareness and understanding of physics.

3D Modeling, Environment and Level Design

-Autodesk Maya / Unity3D
Environment Demo Download

 From layout, textures, lighting, ambient sound and atmosphere, I love to create 3D environments. With my eye for detail, I make sure every detail is in the right place and that the entire scene has presence and feeling.

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“Eric Larson is a young game developer in the DFW area. My team needed some training on a Game Engine Software and we brought him in as an expert. Because of his involvement the training was a tremendous success. I highly recommend him for any work revolving around 3D asset development and Game Design.”

-Conley Dunlap
Media Arts Program Coordinator
Art Institute of Fort Worth